CodeLab Pricing, 2017-2018

Languages Available: C, C++, Java, Python, VB, C#, JavaScript

Pricing for Introductory Programming Courses:

$25Individual purchases by student in a college/university course where CodeLab IS REQUIRED
$20Group purchases by post-secondary educational institutions
$10Group purchases by K-12 institutions

$15Special Introductory Offer To Colleges/Universities Requiring CodeLab for the First Time
$8Special Introductory Offer To K-12 Requiring CodeLab for the First Time

                (all pricing is PER STUDENT PER LANGUAGE PER YEAR)

We also provide customized CodeLabs and pricing for:

Note: prices are subject to change. (Although actually they haven't since 2003, unlike tuition,
textbooks, and a great many other things we could name.)