Registration For Students:

You will need a Section Access Code. This is a string of characters and digits that looks like WES-YAN-4291-3 but of course yours will be different. You get the Section Access Code from your INSTRUCTOR or from his or her web page. Note that this is NOT a code that comes with a book or that you get from the bookstore-- it is from your instructor!

To Register:

  1. Go to either OR
  2. Click Register for CodeLab
  3. Click STUDENT: I am in a course that uses CodeLab. and then click CONTINUE
  4. Type in your Section Access Code and then click CONTINUE
  5. Fill in the rest of the form. Be sure to use a valid email address-- otherwise it will be difficult for us to answer any queries you might make while in CodeLab. And definitely make sure you put in your actual name, so that your instructor can give you credit for your work!
  6. The full email address you enter will be your username for logging in. Remember which one you used! And of course remember the password you set for yourself-- you'll need it.

Login For Students:

You will need to remember the email address and password you entered in the registration process described above. Your email address is your username.

To Login:

  1. Go to either OR
  2. Click Login To CodeLab
  3. Enter the email address you used during registration for username; enter the password you gave yourself during registration
  4. Click GO.

Other Help: